Back in the late 1980’s, I was touring with the Righteous Brothers around New England. During that time, I got a call from Jodi Goodman, Talent Booker at Harbor Lights Concert Pavilion in Boston, MA.  Today, Jodi is the President of Live Nation here in California.

When Jodi called me, she said that Celine Dion’s opening act had taken ill and asked if I wanted the job THAT NIGHT. 

What? At Berklee Performance Center? What a venue… and what a Star.

AND, what an opportunity for me.  All I said to Jodi was, “I’m on my way.”

When I did my sound check, I heard some of her people speaking in French and they sounded a bit upset about something.  I found out later that I almost got bumped off the show because they expected a stand-up comic, not a guitar and vocal performance.

Well, the show went on and I did my 25 minutes, bowed deep and stayed down until the audience was on their feet (Lesson from the past).

Yes, I received a standing ovation at the Berklee Performance Center.

As I introduced Celine, she walked up, kissed me on both cheeks and told me I was “wonderful” – and I watched her amazing performance from the side, enamored through her entire performance.

After the show, Jodi called me to her office and said Celine wanted me to tour with her.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  I couldn’t imagine a better and brighter future for myself.

But, like so many times in life, it wasn’t meant to be. Just before I was scheduled to go on tour with Celine, her regular musician got better and took his job back.

The good news is: A week later, I got an autographed picture from her saying how much she and her staff loved my music.

I may always be in love.

(I’m still looking for that picture… it’s around here somewhere..)