Paul Wayne sings Bill Haley, Hank Williams and Fats Domino
Cape Cod Happy Hour revisited with PAUL WAYNE !!!!
Paul Wayne Sings Cara Mia (this will make your heart smile)
Paul Wayne Signs “You Won’t Respect Me IN The Morning”
Rosa Sings with her heart…..
Paul Wayne sings BILL BAILEY: Laguna Hills California 2019
Fine musicians at Barnoa Wine Bar San Clemente Jam No Rehearsal!
Great sax solo by Ron Sanchez
I get a lot of help, and often get upstaged by Chris and Marilyn
Such a pleasure to jam with great players…
Mark Shelton did a great Edith Bunker and also built this website !
This guy just came out of the audience…and not only upstaged me, but when I tried to take the song back , he pushed me out of the way! Hilarious…Watch
A huge thank you to my dear friend and director of love at the Girdler House, Kathy MacNeil
The “Beer Tent” at the Hampton Beach NH Seafood Festival !
I visited a hospital in Falmouth ,MA and met Gloria……She used to sing this with her sister years ago.
For my dear friends Rosa and Pat
Every now and then I get goosebumps…Thanks Tyler !
Wait for “Two front teeth..”